Sunday, September 26, 2010

Footage of Nathalie Lete painting in Melbourne.

Such a treat to see Nathalie Lete painting a store window at Blue Illusion today in Malvern. After following her work for so long, I was really excited to meet her in person and stand there (along with lots of other people) and watch her work. Jam Fancy was there, too. A lovely gathering of crafty bloggers and people who admire Lete's work. So lucky to see Lete dip her brush and just...create something so beautiful.


Claire said...

Ahh how wonderful. Sounds like a lovely time. Loved your interview too btw. xx

narelle said...

great to see your little video and photos - she's such a talented girl - think i will have to have another wander past it on the weekend : )

Mossology said...

Great artwork. Very talented.

Sandra Eterovic said...

Great pics and interview Fran. I'll bet she paints really fast too!

Clément said...

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