Sunday, March 07, 2010

Quilt+2dogs=potential disaster

So. I'd never made a quilt before. A few pre-cutting nerves and soon I had a neat(ish) stack of squares. Sew, sew, zip, zip. I get half the top done and decide I need more squares. I hang my half made-quilt over the back of my chair and start thinking about colours and prints. More flowers? Some stripes? The dogs had been in the craft room all morning. Outside it was pouring down in heavy sheets. I'm still pondering when I see a flash of colour out the corner of my eye.

That's when the screaming began.

Toby (Jack Russell) has one end of my quilt.
Mouse (Fox Terreir) has the other.
They are pulling in opposite directions.

Some sort of Crafting Miracle took place because I managed to gently extract it from their bitey jaws in one piece.

Now I know why quilting is so difficult.

Anyway. The whole thing took me all day but I was happy with it in the end. There's no lovely top-stitching or binding. And I don't think it'll be handed down from one generation to the next - but it's official. I've made my first quilt and not even dogs could stop me.

POSTSCRIPT: SNAP! For more dog vs quilt go to Posie Gets Cozy


teddybearswednesday said...

I think it's absolutely beautiful Fran, I would never have known it's your first one

Christina said...

I dont have dogs and I STILL havent made a quilt, well done!

Clairsy said...

haha, when I lay all my fabric squares on the floor to arrange my quilts, my dog waits until I've left then runs in and rolls around before dashing out again. At least I think that's what he does - I come in to see all the squares messed up and strewn everywhere with lots of black hairs on them.

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