Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Weekend by the Sea in a Haunted House...

Don't worry. She was friendly. The sky was mostly blue but the wind was strong enough to blow away some internal cobwebs. Ahhh. Nothing like sea air and sea glass.


Pip Lincolne said...

Oh sea glass. We used to pretend it was rubies and emeralds when we were little! And we were mermaids. We were always worried about pirates, too.

I've never thunk you cobwebby, I must say!! But I know what you mean about blasting out the cobwebs. Nothing like sea air and sea glass for that!

i cant sew said...

what no ghost stories???

gracia said...

By the sea... yes, often there are few places I would rather be than by the sea. Especially during the cooler months.

Love the look of those two handsome dogs...

global city condo said...

thanks for the pictures that you posted. I love to stay in the beach and planning to build my own house near the sea.. cause i love to watch the sunset by the beach

training courses said...

You lived in a Haunted house? and did you do some ghost haunting activity?

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