Monday, June 22, 2009

Blurrrr - the weekend.

It happened. I know there were like - two whole days called Saturday and Sunday jammed in there but they whizzed by so fast - here's why.

Friday night - home but watched Wil Ferrel in Step Brothers. Bad movie but some funny spots. Okay. I was tired. I laughed a lot.

Saturday we went to Readings (for good books The Big Sleep and Jane Eyre coffee mug) and Borders (for good magazines) and went to the Florence Broadhurst ( Pop-Up store down at Docklands. Now I do like a bit of Flo but I'm not super mad about her but lots of shoppers had a glint in their eye.

Saturday night we had a lovely dinner with Em's folks and saw the breathtaking Tokyo String Quartet ( at the new(ish) Melbourne Recital Centre. I'm not a classical music groupie but these guys were amazing. I'm so used to using my eyes to "see" an experience, it was kind of lovely to rely on another sense - it sounds obvious but it was an entirely different experience. A good one.

Sunday we were up early to see a sneak preview (very lucky, we are) of A Day in Pompeii exhibition at the Melbourne Museum. It was so fascinating and moving, especially the casts of the bodies that were discovered meters under the ash. You can also watch a seven minute 3D movie that gives an hour by hour account as the catastrophe unfolded. Pretty amazing. You can't help but focus on the human toll that day and how terrifying the experience must have been. There's also quite a few original pieces on display, including a gold bracelet engraved "To a slave from her master...". It opens on the 26 June.

Sunday afternoon we went to see Angels and Demons. The Sun Theatre is right near us, so we went for convenience rather than a burning desire (pardon the pun) to see Tom Hanks run around Rome! Ahhh. Sunday night. Roased pumpkin soup and Season Two of Big Love. Yes it was a good one. Hope yours was too.


Kirsty said...

Eeek...season 2 of big love? How, where, when?

i cant sew said...

if only we could have every monday off to get over the weekend..

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