Monday, March 30, 2009

Like Sand Through The Hour Glass...

I've been on holiday for the last four weeks but those happy days are coming to an end. I'm back to work Wednesday - starting a new role at my workplace - with lots of mixed feelings that range from sheer terror to well, sheer terror.

What a great holiday though. Days by the beach, Stitches and Craft Show, meeting friends for breakfast, lunch and dinner, cooking things from scratch, going to the movies (Let The Right One In, Knowing, Easy Virtue), reading and doing some dyi stuff around the house. Em and I painted our bedroom a lovely plant green called Banksia and the dining room got done over in Cooled Cream.

There were trips to Ikea and shelf building and more than a few tense moments: "Please pass me the drill...DARLING''. Time spent with family; my Dad went into hospital with ten toes and came out three weeks later with nine. He's doing pretty well.

And there was crafting. I've had a ball spending hours in the craft-room making dolls, purses and little wobbly toys. I've stacked and re-stacked fabric, sorted through ribbons and trim, re-read a lot of crafty books and become inspired all over again.

Holidays always make me think, too; time to wonder if what I'm doing is the thing I'm supposed to be doing and if not, who gets to complain about having a job in the middle of Global Economic Crisis when so many people are living with so much uncertainty? Stuff like that. Could be the 40 thing, too. If not, why not? If not now, when? Don't have those answers but do email me if you do!

Getting back to craftbooks. Tonight Em and I are off to the launch of Pip's fantabulous book, Meet Me At Mikes: 26 Crafty Projects and Things To Make. It's easy to like Pip and all she stands for; craft for all, mind your manners and have fun.. the book embodies all those qualities. The patterns are fantastic, the tone is delightful but most importantly, the directions are clear and concise! Yay! I put it to the test and made the Clutch Purse and was thrilled with the result. Well done Pip and all her cohorts! Pip kindly thanks me in her acknowledgments; something I discovered not that long ago. What a sweet, thrilling thing.

So some pictures. What a mess but each one is a holiday moment I'd happily re-live. Thanks for stopping by.


Kirsty said...

What a wonderful holiday you've had.

Claire said...

Fran - those dolls are beautiful! I am looking forward to seeing you tonight. xx

i cant sew said...

god i have those same questions and feel the same guilt that i have job but dont want it and my sister has been laid off and needs a job immediately.
sounds like you have had a great time and the clutch purse could not be cuter!
enjoy your new rols whatever that may be.
%*_*% rosey

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