Monday, June 16, 2008

It's not easy, choosing green...

We've been doing a little painting - one door all red...but now Em & are trying to choose the perfect shade of green for our bedroom walls.

I'm leaning towards a natural kind of green - calming but not too green.

Em wavers between a lighter shade and something that says - "green" but not "too green".

We ended up picking a green each and got a couple of sample pots and slapped it on the walls to see which green worked.


My green was AWFUL - swampy, sea-sick green. I could hardly stand looking at the patch, let alone an entire room.

Emma's green was AWFUL too! Minty, toothpaste green that was irritatingly pale and insipid.

So Saturday afternoon we got out all our books on colour/decorating and immersed ourselves for an hour in page after page of colour - hoping to stumble across the right green.

Didn't happen but it was a fun way to pass an hour. The quest continues but here's a few pics that I like.

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Julie said...

Greens are the most difficult color to pick out. Right now I have a green in my dining room that I don't like at all. Good luck with your green challenge!

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