Monday, March 10, 2008

Helen Lempriere National Sculpture Award

Em and I went to see the Helen Lempriere sculptures at Werribee Park on Saturday. It was a stunning day& the roses were in full bloom, too. Maybe the hot weather put the crowds off - felt like we had the place pretty much to ourselves. I just loved seeing so much green - the grass was heaven. We took off our shoes and just - arrhhhh. Is there a word for taking your shoes of and walking on the soft, almost velvety grass? There should be.

Above: the winner - Pont de l'Archeveche by Bob Jenyns. It was inspired by Albert Tucker's caravan...he was in Paris at the time and couldn't afford his hotel room - so he built a little caravan (which had to be dismantled and hauled out the window, bit by bit) and set it up on the banks of the Seine.

I think this was my favourite - huge 'paper' plane.

...beautiful row boat...

Kids were running on the chalked lines - getting giddy.

I loved this one, too...


CurlyPops said...

Beautiful photos. I've been meaning to get out there to check out the sculptures but it's just been too hot for my liking.

gracia said...

Hoping to get there to see these in person... my fingers are tightly crossed.
see you, g

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