Thursday, October 18, 2007

Japan Part Three

I really loved all the haiku moments when we travelled. The Japanese seem to have this innate sense of style that can be simple or wildly over the top. A few random things:

I love the way people had tiny pot plants outside their gates and even on the footpath.

Lots of shops had their wares on the street. Love the baskest full of cats.

Umbrellas - for rain and shine. They were gorgeous and sold all over the place; rich colours, pale, ruffled, tinted, large print, the tiniest flowers, frogs, dots, bold stripes.

Food trolley on the shinkanzen (bullet train) - fantastic bento boxes; chicken, rice, pickled vegetable.

Kimonos, flashes of colour; butterflies, cranes, falling leaves. Just lovely.

Shoes: seriously; kids, old people and everyone in between had brilliant shoes in Tokyo; expressive, high, flats, laced - all colours, lengths and styles.


Cascade Lily said...

Wow! Jan over at Be*mused was in Japan recently too. I so long to visit!

And I also had the same experience at the US Disneyland when I was 15. Loved it, but it is scarily NICE!

weirdbunny said...

So glad you had a fantastic time. I'd so love to visit Japan.

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