Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Em and I and a friend spent the day in Daylesford on Sunday - lovely and wintry day, dark clouds, autumn leaves, chocolate and bric-a-brac, old books and hot soup. I was standing in a bookshop...looking out the window when this flock flew past.


Lily said...

It's moments like these I miss living in Victoria.

Lovely photos. Lovely window!

weirdbunny said...

Wow the top photo with the leaded window and the birds is so errie. It would be a good book cover - love Julia x

Stephanie said...

hi. i found your blog from an old entry of hop skip jump about buying sewing machines. you said you bought a janome for $269. I'm looking to buy my 1st sewing machine (for the past 6 months) and i'm still so unsure of what to get (it's harder than when i was looking to buy a car!). and i'm getting to the point: what type of janome machine do you have?

Amanda Edwards said...

i love daylesford too although it is getting a bit more developed/modern these days. are you living in melbourne? lots of neat places here too. like warrandyte and olinda and fitzroy.

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