Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Introducing Theodore.

I saw the pattern for this dog in a Japanese craftbook about a year ago. I remember looking at it with awe, never imagining I would ever get to the stage where I would actually make my own. Well. On Saturday I had a go and looky what happened? I always thought that sewing fur would be hell but it was actually quite forgiving; hiding my messy/crooked stitching. I have no idea why, but my dog is much, much bigger that the dog pictured in the book. No doubt this will be just one more unsolved mystery. He took about four hours to make and I jabbed myself with my extra long needle about four times...but it was worth it. And yes, poor Theo has one front leg shorter than the other. Ahem.


dizzyjadey said...

Theodore is very cute!

Jodie said...

He is very cute and we all have one side of our bodies bigger than the other so he is perfect !!

Marie said...

Oh dear Theodore, might I call him Teddy? is just absolutely adorable! I love him!

katie said...

symmetry is vastly over-rated - unique legs is what makes a chap more appealing

Lily said...

Oh now he is cuuuuute! Good on you for committing to it and going for it! I too am a bit scared, but now, maybe a bit less so! And look at your new friend!! So cute :)

Dannielle said...

Theo is marvelous!! I love how his head tips a bit to the side...shows he's a thoughtful chap.

weirdbunny said...

I sure he'll get used to being a bit wonky !

Hurrayic said...

Oh so cute and such a labor of love. We had 2 Theodores growing up - Teddy 1 and Teddy 2, both of them 'sheep retrievers' as we affectionately called them.

theresa said...

oh, he is mighty cute! You did a fantastic job and I don't mind his leg problem one bit! That's what we call character!

theresa said...

Actually, on a second look--he could quite possibly be offering his paw. Awwwwwhhhhhh. He wants to shake hands.

lyn said...

Well, I think he's perfect.
: )

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