Monday, November 13, 2006

I crafted like a crazy woman this weekend. Yes, felt did fly. Finished my ornaments for the swap, made some rubber stamps, typed up some little cards, baked an apple cake, made an elephant, kitty, duck.. - NOTHING got in my way. My sewing machine was on fire! Fun.


nicole said...

You crafting fiend you! Love your snowmen and snow birdies any snowgrrls ;)

justine said...

wow wow and wow! it's all great :)

Shell said...

Woe, great work! Wanna come to my place and get busy? I've been in a crafty lull of late but I still have to make 30 monsters before December - arghhh! Hehe, I'm sure I'll get a spurt of crafty energy soon enough!

Love the kitty, duck and elephant - what a cute little family!

Lily said...

Oh my! You were like a woman possessed!!

Love the white felt ornaments. What a great idea!!

And that elephant. Oh my goodness look at that trunk :)

Miss Dot said...

oh oh oh!!! so excited! I got a birdy!!! is it suppose to be a surprise? if so, don't go to my blog... it will give it all away. But I just had to drop by and say Thank you thank you thank you!!!

Miss Dot said...

oh me again. BTW is your birth year 1971, 1967, 1968, or 1984? It's for the ornament. you can email me at

mandee said...

I love the felt snowmen! :) Very cute! You have been so crafty, looks great!

Tabitha said...

Really like mr. elephant. They're all so cute!

Snowbear said...

wow! A ONE-woman crafting machine!
all so cute!

gracia said...

On fire indeed. A hive of activity... and love that black cat with the somewhat perplexed expression.
take care, gracia

Anonymous said...

Just received one in the mail and I love it, thank-you!
I'm hoping to send yours out soon so keep a look out!

djbebe said...

Thank you for the lovely birdy ornament - love the beads and hand-stitching. Yours is on it's way...

Anonymous said...

What a production!! And your snowman ornaments are strikingly beautiful.
Am I right that you have summer weather right now in Australia? Very impressing that you can focus on snowmen!

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