Monday, October 30, 2006


Busy making some scary craft - hmmm. Sometimes my craft is scary but it has nothing to do with Halloween... First off a spooky pin cushion with owl button and ghoulish shrinky pins plus some haunting photos. Happy H.


nicole said...

Nice work Fran! Loving your owl button! Sweet.

limegreenspyda said...

happy hallowe'en!

and oh! let me know when you take your rings to the market! the weather's getting nice and summery now - just right for the markets! it's a good omen!

lyn said...

You scared me
: )
Happy Halloween to you too Fran.

Shell said...

Love the pincushion and the little pins - very spoooky!

myra said...

Spoooky pincushion and pins! Love it! And what a cool owl button too.

Gina said...

hope you had a happy halloween! love your projects, so cute!

Snowbear said...

wonderful pincushion! I so do love the spooky stuff!

Lily said...

Barbie meets Bride of Chucky! I love it. (of course your ghoul is much more refined!)

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