Thursday, October 06, 2005

Holiday Snaps from Beautiful Bryon and Beyond.


sarah said...

happy holidays...have a wonderful time!

jackie said...

I think your blog is great and the technical stuff is hard. I switched to typepad because I couldn't even load a photo on blogger. To me it is a small price just because it is a bit more user friendly. Is that the lighthouse at Byron Bay? Have a great holiday.

mandy said...

Hope you have a jolly holiday, the gin looks essential for that sort of behaviour!!!! Have fun!!!

Shell said...

Have happy holidays - I only recently came back from mine straight into a new job (which I also resigned from in the first week - ack! Just finishing up the two weeks now, hehe). I hope you have lots of fun and plenty of time for r and r.

Alex said...

Have a lovely holiday!! x

carly said...

hope your holiday is trulely relaxing... you are as bad as me with sorting by colour... i sort my threads.... and don't even get peeved when Lily pulls them out and tangles them because then I get to sort them again... as a kid I was known to empty out my pencil box and then put them back in colour order ..for fun..I have some stickers for you for when you get back :)

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